Helen Tuft's Youth Workshop

QFCE partnered with Helen Tuft's Children's Outreach Program to facilitate a workshop for their youth on Peer Pressure and Bullying, and the importance of self-appreciation and worth.

A little about Helen Tuft’s…

Helen Tuft’s is an organization that that seeks to provide meaningful literacy tutoring and mentoring for at-risk youth within the Kingston community.

The Importance of addressing Peer Pressure and Bullying

A child’s self-esteem is a precious paradox. When a child or young individual feels valued and important, they in turn seek to make good decisions for themselves that wll enhance their value, rather than tear it down. Negative pressure from peers and bullying can evidently inhibit a young individual’s ability to develop the self-esteem and confidence that would lead to positive cycles of growth and development that stems from appreciating one’s own self-worth and value.

QFCE’s aim in this workshop was to educate both male and female students on the different forms of bullying that exists within in-personal social settings, as well as through online interactions, due to the growth of social media. In addition to the methods to prevent, and combat incidents of bullying from the perspective of a victim and by-stander. We also wanted to provide students with the skills to self-identify when they are victims or perpetrators of peer pressure, and when peer pressure could be utilized as positive tool to improve self-confidence and self-value.

Did you know that

  • 1 in 3 adolescent students in Canada have reported being bullied recently?

  • 60% of girls agree they feel pressure from the media or social media to conform to unrealistic beauty standards?

  • 55% of students tried drugs for the first time due to peer pressure?

  • Peer pressure can appear in positive forms?

  • 85% of bullying takes place in front of other people?

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Summary by: Bunisha Samuels

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